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Child Custody

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When a married couple with children decide to proceed with divorce, child custody is often a key issue; in most cases, neither parent wants to surrender their parental custody or rights, but it is the responsibility of the court to find a happy medium that will provide the children with a sustainable home life. If you are facing a child custody case in Kentucky, our skilled attorneys are here to help.


Below are the types of custody typically awarded during custody cases:


  • Legal custody: This is awarded to the parent that will take on the majority of the responsibility for the children by having them in their care at all times.
  • Joint Custody: In this case, both parents take on equal responsibility for the children, who will split their time between the two households. In some cases, one parent may have the children more than the other.
  • Visitation: This is given to the parent who does not receive legal custody of the children. They are then permitted to visit with the children. It is decided by the judge if the visits must be supervised, how often the visits may occur, and how long the visits may last.


Divorce and child custody can be tricky business. Trust in us to help you navigate it as best as you can. Give us a call for more information about how we can help you with your child custody case.

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