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Medicare, Medicaid and Awards

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In many cases, Medicaid and Medicare are closely involved in settling cases. In the case that Medicare or Medicaid are involved in paying for benefits, those benefits must be repaid. In most cases, PIP benefits will repay the bill, but in the case that the benefits are exhausted, Medicare and Medicaid will need to be repaid by a settlement or judgement if the case proceeds to trial.


It is required under Federal Law that any payments made by Medicaid or Medicare must be repaid by the person who was responsible for the injury or damage. This is to protect tax payers for taking the responsibility of paying for injuries or damages that a single person has caused.


Medicare or Medicaid pays a small percentage medical bills. The amount that they cover is the amount that will need to be repaid.


Payments involving medicare and medicaid are very complicated and are better managed with the professional help of an attorney. Give us a call today if you are facing this situation and wish to ensure that you handle it as needed.

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