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Personal Injury Protection

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Kentucky law mandates that each individual is entitled to a minimum of $10,000 or Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits in the case of an accident, regardless of who is at fault. The $10,000 is intended to cover medical bill costs and wage loss.


The PIP benefits are not limited to one payout per accident; if there are multiple individuals in the car at the time of the accident, each person is entitled to their own $10,000 PIP coverage.


In order to receive PIP benefits, you must submit proof of your income accompanied by written notice from a licensed physician stating that you are not to return to work until so advised. Once you are approved, your PIP benefits will be given to you in a limit of $200 each week. In some cases, you may use your PIP benefits to reimburse you for out-of-pocket costs, such as prescriptions or hired help during your healing period.


Many people wonder if they must receive their PIP in $200 weekly payments, or if they are able to receive the $10,000 all at one time. The answer is yes; as long as you can prove that you require the full amount to cover lost wages or outstanding medical bills.


It is also commonly wondered if attorney fees are taken from the $10,000 PIP.


Any respectable attorney will regard the PIP benefit as the individual’s money and their money alone. Of course, some attorneys claim a portion of the PIP as an attorney’s fee, but we are strongly against this; we are here to help you receive the benefits you deserve, not steal it from you.


If the individual’s medical costs exceed $10,000, the remaining balance is usually taken care of by Medicare, Medicaid, or health insurance, as long as the claim was correctly filed in a timely manner following the accident.


If you’re already facing financial trouble, you may be hesitant about moving forward with legal proceedings. No worries; you will not receive a single bill for our services until after we reach a settlement for you. This is how confident we are that we can help you receive the money that you need and deserve. Give us a call today to learn your options for filing a Personal Injury Protection (PIP) claim.

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