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Why Should I Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

When another individual’s recklessness has caused you to sustain a serious injury, you are within your rights to pursue financial compensation. The help of a personal injury lawyer is an essential part of receiving the compensation that you deserve for your injury; continue reading to learn more. What is a Personal Injury Lawyer? A personal injury attorney is a civil litigator who provides representation for clients facing the court for both psychological and physical injuries. They dedicate themselves to helping their clients achieve the justice that they deserve after dealing with a physically or emotionally traumatic experience. Personal injury lawyers help their...

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What’s The Difference Between A Criminal Lawyer And A Civil Lawyer?

While this question might sound simple, it is not necessarily common knowledge what the two different types of lawyers are, and what they can help you with. Continue reading to learn more. Criminal Lawyer A criminal defense lawyer is a lawyer that specializes in the defense of a person or company who has been charged with criminal activity. If you have been charged with something that is perceived as threatening, endangering or harmful to the health, safety or property of someone or something within the community, these would be causes to hire a criminal defense attorney.  You don’t have to be an individual...

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Can an Attorney Help Me if I’m Guilty?

While to some it may seem like a silly question, it’s one of the most commonly-asked things in the law profession: “Can an attorney help me if I’m guilty?” The answer? Yes. Even if you feel that you may be guilty of some--or all-- of the charges that are being held against you, all hope is not lost. Attorneys are professionals that provide expertise and defense in the court of law; whether it be on the side of the defense or the prosecution, attorneys provide crucial services for their clients to help them face their trial. Finding the Right Attorney for You When preparing for...

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Do I Need a Prenuptial Agreement?

If you are soon to be entering into a marriage and are considering your options for signing a prenuptial agreement before you tie the knot, you’ll need to know what your options are. Here ay Jeremy Bryant Law, our skilled attorneys will provide you with the legal counsel that you need to ensure that you are always protected. Continue reading for more information about prenuptial agreements.  What is a Prenuptial Agreement? When you get married to someone, all of your belongings legally become theirs as well, and vice-versa. In the unfortunate case of divorce, the two individuals have to then undergo the...

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How Does Hiring an Attorney Affect Your Case?

When facing legal disputes, there are situations in which hiring an attorney really is not necessary for the successful completion of the case. There are, however, situations in which the legal guidance and assistance of an attorney significantly improve your chances of winning and make the entire experience easier for you as a whole. Continue reading to learn how hiring an attorney effects your case. Do I Need an Attorney? In some cases, you don’t necessarily need the help of an attorney. In fact, for cases such as this, you can represent yourself in court. These cases are usually small, such as...

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Criminal Law Explained

Criminal law can be defined as the system of laws that pertain to the legal examination and punishment of individuals who have broken the law or committed a crime. Continue reading for a thorough and informative break down of criminal law. Criminal Code The basis of the charges brought up under criminal law will be adhered to the state’s criminal code. Each state has their own criminal code that has been decided and put into place by state legislature. Federal criminal law is examined for some punishments, as well. Criminal Liability and Intent There are essentially three common elements of crime: A voluntary actA certain...

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What is an Attorney?

Most people are familiar with the term attorney, but are not quite sure exactly what they are, and what they do. Continue reading for a full and informative breakdown of what an attorney is, what they do, and how they can help you handle your case. Is There a Difference Between a Lawyer and an Attorney? The term “attorney” is commonly confused or interchanged with the term “lawyer”, though there is a difference between the two. A lawyer is a law professional who has a formal educational background and degree in law, but they may not actually practice law by representing clients in...

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Family Law Explained

Family law is the term used when examining cases pertaining to marriage and divorce, marital economic matters, and the guardianship and treatment of children within a family. Continue reading for an informative breakdown of family law. Family Groups In order to examine a family in a court of law, they are first categorized into their corresponding family group. Below are the different family groups that are commonly used in family law: Two-Parent Family: The two-parent family is, historically speaking, the most commonly examined family group within the United States. The two-parent family consists of two spouses and their child or children that they...

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