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What’s The Difference Between A Criminal Lawyer And A Civil Lawyer?

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What’s The Difference Between A Criminal Lawyer And A Civil Lawyer?

While this question might sound simple, it is not necessarily common knowledge what the two different types of lawyers are, and what they can help you with. Continue reading to learn more.

Criminal Lawyer

A criminal defense lawyer is a lawyer that specializes in the defense of a person or company who has been charged with criminal activity. If you have been charged with something that is perceived as threatening, endangering or harmful to the health, safety or property of someone or something within the community, these would be causes to hire a criminal defense attorney. 

You don’t have to be an individual who committed a crime to need a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Kentucky. If you have been charged with the attempt to commit a crime, conspiracy to commit a crime, or incitement or solicitation, you should look for a criminal lawyer. 

Civil Lawyer

A civil defense lawyer handles only non-criminal law; this means that this type of attorney does not send people to jail or get them out of jail. Civil lawyers handle cases where compensation for injury, deed, equity, evidence, and property law are the main focus, among other things.

Again, in this case, you don’t necessarily have to be facing charges in court to hire a civil lawyer. You may simply hire a civil defense lawyer to handle filing the deed on your house, or helping you to create a living will.

What If My Civil Case Turns Out To Be Criminal? 

In most cases, this won’t happen without the possibility of this outcome being assessed when you speak with your lawyer at the initial consultation. If your lawyer feels as though there is potential for your case to become a criminal proceeding, they may recommend bringing a criminal lawyer on to your case to assist. 

Should this happen, your attorney will tell you how to proceed, whether they will continue to represent you through the case, or if they recommend that you hire a criminal attorney for your case. Even if the latter is the outcome, your civil lawyer will ensure that your criminal lawyer has all of the information from civil proceedings; this ensures that your criminal lawyer has all of the facts before going to court on your behalf. 

How Do I Find Out If A Lawyer Is A Civil Or Criminal Attorney? 

When looking for attorneys in Kentucky, it can be easy to get lost in how many are listed when you are searching. Finding the right fit for you is most important in order for your case to be successful. Call your desired attorneys office to set up a consultation and ask questions to ensure that they are the type of lawyer you need is the best way to be sure you are getting the right lawyer for your case. 

Be sure to also focus on what courts your lawyer practices in when looking for an attorney in Kentucky. In rare cases, some lawyers only practice in certain jurisdictions or counties. You can also find out the answers to your questions when you do a consultation with your desired lawyer. If the attorney you have chosen doesn’t practice in your area, it’s likely that they can refer you to an attorney that can take the case in the court that you are required to attend.

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